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 Any Good Training Tips?

Anyone got any good tips on dog training? I know how and everything, but you know. =P Since Kodiak is going to be going everywhere with me this summer, I need his training to be going in a good direction.

One thing I’ve NEVER been good at is leash training. I had a trainer that taught me a way. But it was NOT a very nice way, to say the least, and I refused to use it. The way she trained her dogs certainly worked, but I VERY much disapproved. Her dogs(border collies) were always terrified and anxious, with their tails tucked and eyes bulging, poor things.

Anyways, does anyone have any awesome tips on leash training(heel and all that). I’ve never really been good at it. I know to how to do it generally, but I could use some tips.

His sit, down, and leave it commands are coming along very well. He’s also learning "off" and "no bite"(for playing and biting my hands) really well. Honestly, his sister is making it very difficult for me to train him properly. But she’s leaving soon.

Anyways, does anyone have good tips? He’s very trainable. A lot more than his mother was at his age. But I’m looking to have this dog really well trained and even better behaved so he won’t be a disturbance when he goes places with me.

Also, what’s the best way to get them used to car rides. Living an hour away from town means he’ll be going for pretty long car rides to go places with me. I really need him to be nice and calm(Rikka loves car rides) during them and not rip up the seats or anything.


03/09/10  09:22pm


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  Message To: Ammeratsu   In reference to Message Id: 2131518

 Any Good Training Tips?

For 8 week+ pups i use half choke collars, they aren’t cruel there a nylon collar with a little chain it doesn’t harm the pup nor does it tighten up completely when all the chain goes it just locks and makes a gentle tense on the dogs neck.
I also never allow any of my dogs to walk on a full leash i always fold the leash in half so the dog walks beside me eg. a 6ft nylon leash fold it up/wrap around your hand until it is 3ft in length.
Always allow your dog to walk on one side of you, Milla always walks on my right and gets in a panic when i put her on my left and tries to move to her commanded side.
When the dog is old enough invest in a check chain if it needs it or just allow it to walk on it for awhile so he gets the message.
If the dog pulls NEVER tug him back pulling back on the leash encourages dogs to pull harder, when he pulls tug the leash to the side to throw him off balance then distract with a treat. distracting a dog from what it is doing (pulling on leash) or about to do (chase a rabbit or toilet in house) gets the dogs mind off of it hense distracting the dog weather its with a toy or treat.
When he does good on the walk speak to him you may sound like a idiot but other dog owners may not remember but we all had to do it at sometime.

03/09/10  09:32pm


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  Message To: Ghastly   In reference to Message Id: 2131524

 Any Good Training Tips?

Oh as for car tips i know how you feel living in the middle of nowhere start off with just sitting him in the car popping treats to him every now and then and let him explore the car.
Then as he gets accustomed to the car start the engine for a few mins and pop treats to him so he sees it as a good thing.
Then just go for short car ride’s from 5 mins to 10 and gradually build up just don’t rush.

Im quite lucky that Milla is used to the car due to my mum since i lost my license in Sweden bringing up the bricks in Stockholm square XD but i shouldn’t laugh really just gotta count my luck that Milla is great with cars she is that wonderful with them she would jump into any car with a open door given a quater of the chance any dog napper/dog wardens dream

03/09/10  09:43pm


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  Message To: Ghastly   In reference to Message Id: 2131530

 Any Good Training Tips?

I do not like using choke collars on puppies, nothing against Ghastly’s method, I just don’t like it. What I did with Zoe was I took her Nylon leash and wraped it across her chest and looped it through the hole to make a harness out of it. That way she couldn’t fight or pull away when we first started leash training, it doesn’t hurt the puppy in anyway, just makes it so they have no choice but to walk, where as a stubborn puppy would pull and choke themselves to death before they would cooperate. We did that for about a week before Zoe was comfortable doing it, after that I put the leash on normal and she walked on it just fine.

As for basic training, if you have it down at home, that is great! When you take him to the pet stores and stuff, he will be a little distracted, but you want to give him the command look at me and get him to sit. Keep doing it until he gets it down, this will come in handy with other dogs that are annoying him. Also have the pet store emplyees give him the sit commmang before treating him. That will also help in socializing him and getting him used to all of the attention. If he gets to a point where you think he is scared or to stressed ask people to back off for a little bit and calm him down. The socializing in the Pet Stores and at the parks is the best way to socialize him. Just be sure to make him obey the commands.

As for the car, I have always just put Zoe in the back seat and let her go, but she was always really good in the car. She got in and laid down. She looks out of the windows, now that she is tall enough, and loves the fresh air. You could see how Kodiac does on his first few car rides and if it isn’t good, come back and ask for advice. But if he is anything like Zoe was, he’ll love it.

03/10/10  10:54am


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  Message To: LizaB2008   In reference to Message Id: 2131671

 Any Good Training Tips?

There are some really good books and videos out there for leash training.

03/10/10  11:53am


Rae rae
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  Message To: RottieMom   In reference to Message Id: 2131681

 Any Good Training Tips?

harnesses are good for maybe dogs 5lbs and under, just my opinion of course. i believe they were first made to allow a dog to pull. if a dog is wearing a harness it kind of tells them to pull. on pups and small dogs i use the nylon choke the ones you see the vet office use. one of my chihuahuas ended up at 3.5lbs, so he uses a harness. my 5.7lbs one however uses a leash like the rest. once you have them used to a leash, collar and walking with one. then you throw in loose leash walking, which is teaching them not to pull. walk in a direction, as soon as they begin to pull, snap around really quick and pull them in the other direction. it teaches them to pay attention to you. works for some, not for my shepherd though haha! i worked with a trainer for a couple of months with him.

at 6 months old she fitted him in a prong collar MIRACLE COLLAR!! she explained that it looks like it’s cruel and unusual punishment. however she explained it’s a lot more humane than a choke long as it’s fitted properly. too tight and of course that’s not good, too loose and you’re just wasting time and money. she said that with a choke collar a dog can just pull and pull and choke and choke and that can do permanent damage to their esophagus. put the prong, or pinch collar they will actually correct themselves and i saw it for myself. i put it on my shepherd, he pulled and immediately jumped back. he only had to wear it on walks for a month or two. once i had heel down pat he went back to a regular nylon collar and never had another problem. as a matter of fact from there i taught him to heel off leash. he started as the worst puppy in the class, and the trainer said at the end he was the best one to graduate. so of course it’s how much time and patience you have as well.

for large dogs, to get control properly i do recommend some sort of correction collar. smaller dogs i use the nylon kind, larger dogs i either use choke collars or prong collars. the idea is also with a prong collar that it’s correcting the dog on the neck just like dogs do to each other in the wild. so they understand it very well. i have never seen that collar not work...when fitted right.


03/15/10  11:21pm


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  Message To: Rae rae   In reference to Message Id: 2133195

 Any Good Training Tips?

well im am inexprience and only 16, but i have leashed trained 3 dogs (only one was a puppy) in the past year. At first all my dogs litterally bucked (never been introduced to a collor or leash), but i held a bage of treats until they calmed down and said "Good girl" and gave them one, then i worked slowly with taken baby steps. and it litterally only took me 3 days of maybe 20 minutes each day to properly train them. only reward him when he behaves, never comfort him when he acts scared because that shows that he is doing a "good thing" by freaking out..
..with one of my dogs, she liked to walk right next to me and trip me, but i taught her to walk on my right side only about 1-2 feet off my leg (not in front or behind). i did this by everytime that she’d run into me id simply push her off with my knee and ignore her, but when she was walking the way i wanted to id let her know that she was a good girl.
you probably wont need treats, but just kind words. my dogs were older and i couldnt get them to consentrait without something to distract them with

just remember reward when good, and if they do something bad such just say "no"

03/16/10  05:49pm


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  Message To: Marissa4   In reference to Message Id: 2133390

 Any Good Training Tips?

Thanks guys! His training is coming along really well. He’s VERY eager to please. He’s starting to understand the concept now.

And I don’t think I have to worry about cars. Last time he was in a car(To get his second set of shots), he just laid in my lap and slept the whole time, while the other puppies yapped and ran around until I just put them in a box to get them to stop.

What are peeing in the car? i really really really don’t want him to do this. I’m driving my mom’s boyfriend’s car, and he would be soooo pissed if I let my dog pee in his car. How do I break this before it starts?

03/16/10  06:53pm


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  Message To: Ammeratsu   In reference to Message Id: 2133406

 Any Good Training Tips?

Don’t give him any water for 2 hours before you leave and make sure he relieves himself before as well. Zoe has never went to the bathroom in a car before. Not a very comfortable, quiet place to pee.

03/16/10  07:19pm

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