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 Dry Pads!!! Anyone have a safe remedy???

Hi, Im new to the Dog forum. I have a 10 month old Male APBT. His name is "Felonious" we call him "Felon". He is absolutely handsome and a joy to have. Really I couldn’t ask for a better family dog. He is my 4 yr old sons best friend literally. He is sooooo smart & a fast learner, he loves to please. Ok ok enough bragging about my baby (I could go on for days) Anyway on to my Question.... I noticed he had been limping and automatically assumed he had hurt his leg. Well we made a Vet appointment and the day we went he was no longer limping. So the vet checked his leg and no injury, he said maybe he had a sore joint from over exercise.. Well its been a month and its back and this time he hadn’t even been running a lot so I started to check it out myself before I shelled out 50$ for a Vet visit for virtually nothin.. Well His leg doesn’t bother him it is his Paw Pads ( I believe) they are soooo dry they feel like sand paper.. And they have small like paper cuts on them..When I rubbed them he flinched... I feel soo badd for him, do you think this warrants a Vet visit? Or is there something I can buy at a petmart to help him. He’s not limping everyday, but it does bother him and he is not bleeding, but you can see little cracks. Please help me help him... Im not against taking him back in to the Vet. I just don’t want to keep going in for every little thing and the Vet think Im crazy either lol.

03/09/10  02:51pm

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