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 New(er) Iguana Owner

Hi there. I was curious to see if I can get some answers. My husband and I took on a young iguana about a year and a half ago. We believe the guy who gave her away said she was about 6 months to a year old. Anyhow, he gave us her along with a 55 gallon converted fish tank. As we have had her she has obviously grown due to her huge appetite and we were concerned that she was running out of room in the 55 gallon. Fortunately we were give an old iguana cage that was way bigger then her 55. It is an open air cage and we rigged thick branches inside so they she would be able to climb. We fixed two heat lamps at the top and an 18 inch UVB light. Also, at the bottom of the cage there is a basking bulb and rock for her. The cage is approximately 5 1/2 tall and 2 1/2 feet wide. Since we have put her in there we have watched her try and crawl up the sides of cage and she falls. She doesn’t seem to want to crawl on branches. Her appetite as decreased significantly as well. Any input is welcome please. We want her to be as comfortable as possible.

02/08/15  03:53pm


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 New(er) Iguana Owner

It must be the cage...those kinda cages I would use outside in the summer because using indoors is a waste because the heat and humidity escapes.

02/08/15  07:06pm

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