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Jbauer65   Takahiro111  

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 Newbie here and eager to learn!

I just joined because I just received my baby Rhino Iguana two days ago! The breeder (sales site?) "thinks" it’s a male because they say it shows the "Signs". It doesn’t really matter to me but I’d really prefer a male. So keeping my fingers crossed.
His name is Titus and he’s in a 40"x24"x24" enclosure with sliding glass doors in the front. I’m giving him lots of ’space’ so he can get used to his new home, and he’s spending most of it hiding. He is eating well and was into a shed when he arrived from Florida.

I tried to add a photo in the photo section but it kept timing out so I’ll try again later.

Anyway, I’m recently retired so I have LOTS of time to devote to the Iguana I’ve always wanted. I look forward to learning lots here.

I see where most posts are in the Iguana section and not many in the Cyclura section, but that’s fine, it’ll catch up eventually I’m sure.

Happy to be here,

12/19/14  09:15am


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  Message To: Jbauer65   In reference to Message Id: 2311424

 Newbie here and eager to learn!

Congrats on the new iguana :) he’s hiding because he’s nervous of his new home but he’ll get use to it just give him some time lol I was always interested in rhino are they?? I wanted to get a red iguana but the giant reptiles I have now is taking up too much room and my bf friend just dumped his dumeril boa on me after I got from school so I don’t see myself having an iguana now.

12/19/14  04:07pm

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