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 Advice re taming an iguana

I have a female green iguana called Mabel. She was born 30.4.14 and I got her when she was six weeks old so have had her for around 5 months.

She allows me to go in her viv and perform husbandry skills, and let’s me hand feed her.

But she won’t allow me to touch her and her flap comes out and she darts around her viv. I normally continue talking to her at this stage and will let me continue to hand feed her. I am unsure of how to progress and am looking for advice.


10/02/14  02:14pm


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 Advice re taming an iguana

Try the hand method...everyday put your hand/finger closer to her but keep it ground level not above to see how she reacts. If she runs leave her, if she’s okay keep going.

When my adult water monitor hiss and lash at I walk right pass him and sit next to him and talk to him lol I scratch his head and he calms down but overall the hand method and talking works but I’m not saying for everyone because each indiviual has a diffrent personality.

10/02/14  03:57pm

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