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 Some movie suggestions :)

Hey you guys!

I recently watched this documentary called "The Elephant in The Living Room", it’s a tragic look at pet owners in the US who house exotic animals as pets, often completely in denial as to how dangerous the situation really is. It primarily focuses on one man who keeps lions in his backyard, but touches on reptiles quite a bit also.

I have nothing to do with the film, it is just such an eye-opener for everyone, even small reptile owners like me (I own one iguana), and I think worth sharing with all you guys. Promoting responsible pet ownership is something I am starting to become very passionate about.

The film is available on Netflix, iTunes, etc.

I also think all iguana owners should watch the BBC Planet Earth segment called "Green Iguanas: Living Like Dinosaurs" because it gives such great insight as to their lives in the jungle, how they are in constant danger, it is a great help to understand their temperament and instincts. (I watched this on youtube in two segments)

I sometimes feel guilty that my Lily is living in my house and not in the jungle... a great motivator to ensure her quality of life is as great as possible.

One last grievance- I was flipping through channels last night and came across the MTV show "Teen Mom 2" which I am aware of but never watched... one of the ’teen moms’ was showing her mom a baby bearded dragon she just got, her mom said "Well make sure you don’t just let it die like you always do" and the teen mom said "no, it’s a great pet because you don’t have to give it any attention" ... I wanted to jump through the tv and strangle her, if not for that poor little beardie but because I know this show is hugely popular and who knows which uninformed fans are running out to buy a baby beardie right now.

Anyways, sorry for the rant, honestly check out the film because it really affected me.

03/19/13  05:54pm


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  Message To: KimDragon86   In reference to Message Id: 2294031

 Some movie suggestions :)

Thanks for the titles, Im giving them a watch right now.

04/30/13  02:41pm

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