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 What will be the cost of iguana?

The demand for Iguanas as exotic pets has been increased in recent years, because it is easier to pet care them and are relatively stable in prices. Iguanas are exploded as a exotic pet in America in early nineties and over a million Iguanas had already been imported and sold in the country.

Reptiles are the most popular group of pets in the US. Fifteen years ago, people had to go for exotic pet shops and private Iguana breeders to purchase these magnificent reptiles.

But today, with the growth in online commerce, buying Iguanas as well as other reptiles are so easy and you can buy your reptiles from your living room. The price of Iguana is determined by three things: the species of the Iguana, the size of the reptile, and the Iguana’s age.

Iguana costs:
The cost of Iguana will be varying from $400 to $3,000 if the Iguana is imported from Central America. If you can’t afford these much of costs, you can go for buying Iguana the breed which is commonly available or a green Iguana. The more exotic an Iguana is , the cost of Iguana becomes higher.

Green Iguanas are as beautiful as other breeds of Iguanas which are being imported from South or Central America. If you take better care of them, these Iguanas can still grow to an impressive size. Young green Iguana costs around $30 to $50. You can get large adult Iguana by spending at least $200 for each Iguana.

You should invest for proper habitat, the right equipment to keep your exotic pet alive for more than a six months or a year.

The Iguanas are tropical reptiles and live in the wild and these reptiles are used to regular temperatures between 95 – 104 degrees Fahrenheit. Iguanas are taken care with varied diet. Healthy Iguana can eat plant matter from different plant species.

In wild, Iguanas grow healthy because it roams around and take what they want. But in captivity, Iguanas are limited to what the owner can provide on a daily basis, and this alone can spell the difference between a healthy and happy reptile, and a very sick Iguana with countless health problems.

It is unfortunate that the average lifespan of an Iguana in captivity in the United States is only six months, because people are not very much aware about Iguanas and they rarely spend the time to understand what Iguanas need to survive.

Healthy adult Iguanas have been known to live for as long as twenty years! If you want your own Iguana to enjoy a long life, you need to educate yourself as to what type of food it needs, and what equipment you should be adding to its terrarium or habitat.

It is very much important that buying cost of Iguana doesn’t reflect on the money spending on ideal care of the Iguana. You should have to invest for its living too..
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09/17/12  03:54pm


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  Message To: Rajendran   In reference to Message Id: 2280620

 What will be the cost of iguana?


09/21/12  12:21pm


Peridot Malachite
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  Message To: Cphill58   In reference to Message Id: 2281008

 What will be the cost of iguana?

if you are not educated on green iguanas their cost of set up and care can be very deceiving I experienced myself. if you are expecting them to live more than 6 months. the two iguanas cost me 80 bucks at a pet store. no biggie right?.....but the custom large cage, UV and heat lights, humidifier, fresh variety of greens and other veggies daily. all organic in my personal choice. everything combined so far in the last couple months if that long has probably been close to or more than a grand for proper set up and daily care. only dedicated people should really get an Iguana for a long term pet. There is a 90 percent mortality rate for pet iguanas in the US. people should do their research first before spending that 30-60 bucks for that little iguana in that pet shop. add to that you will need to make a custom adult iguana cage before they are 2 years old which are recommended at 8 feet long by 4 feet wide by up to 8 feet tall. that costs around a grand itself completely setup.

11/16/12  07:20am

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