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 Iguana skin condition

New to the boards. Looking figure out what is wrong with my girlfriends iguana. In the past few months it’s developed this light brownish rash that kind of looks like dried mud in various areas on its skin. I’ve looked up different topics online and have come up empty. Figured I’d post on a forum and see what comes up before we shell out $100’s of dollars. Homage links below. Thanks for any feedback!

09/11/12  11:17am


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  Message To: LizzardSkynard   In reference to Message Id: 2279920

 Iguana skin condition

Shedding skin...looks a bit odd though...not like ours...many layers possibly...are you getting plenty of moisture on the iggy?

Iggy’s shed in patches ...not all in 1 piece like snakes.

09/12/12  04:23am


Peridot Malachite
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  Message To: Cphill58   In reference to Message Id: 2280049

 Iguana skin condition

That is of course not normal shedding and looks very serious. should have been taken to the vet 3 months ago. letting it get to that point after 3 months is neglect no other way to put it. At the very least the vet could have given advice to your friend of how to treat it herself if she couldn’t afford vet treatment. is the iguana still alive?

11/16/12  07:31am

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