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K-man   RobK.  

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 Taming help-rhino iguana

I have had a rhino for about 10 months now and she is beginning to get more and more nervous/aggressive. up until about a 3 weeks ago i could pet her and hold her no problem but now she puffs up and gets aggressive when i go near the cage, she even gets scared and runs around the tank sometimes when i come in the room. I was hoping i could get some tips on how to calm her down and better tame her. any advice is greatly appreciated

07/16/12  03:51pm


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 Taming help-rhino iguana

best thing i did for my male was hand feeding him , it realised my hands meant him no harm , I spent a lot of time on my laptop in his room next to his cage . I used a 12’’ stick to hand fed him , putting a peace of banana on the end and as soon as it took that CALMLY , i then moved down the stick with my hand a little each week . i also rubbed his back with this stick during this process . soon i was within inches of his with the stick , I then put a peace of food on my hand which he ate calmly . then i move my hand away from his basking so he had to climb on my hand to reach the food . I then moved it father away so he had to stand on both my hands to eat , he was being held and did not know it . after that he got calmer and calmer . so hand feeding mine was the trick , now look at him .

07/19/12  02:22pm

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