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 Our Iggy’s Tail

My son’s iguana’s tail (about 2 inches off the end) had been looking shriveled and dry. It broke off just a little while ago. What caused this, and will it regenerate or just scab over?

04/15/12  05:45pm


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  Message To: Iguanagrandma   In reference to Message Id: 2262811

 Our Iggy’s Tail

Hey there, chances are it won’t regenerate. There are a few reasons as to why the tail broke:
- it could have had a bad shed and the shed skin on tail did not come off fully do the skin cut off circulation to that area so it died and fell off.
- he simply may have caught it on something and it broke off
- lastly, tail rot. This occours when there is a bad shed and the area does not die off correctly and gets infected and tissue starts dying. It can creep up the tail and kill the lizard if it reaches the base. Does the tail look like there is any exposed bone, or does it smell bad, have any leakage look discolored? ( besides being black, that is just dead tissue) these may be signs of tail rot, keep an eye on it.

Now, the dead part will most likey come off with the next shed, but keep an eye on it. You can use creamy neosporin that has NO painkillers and that should keep it from getting infected. If it gets any worse, consult your vetranarian. Good luck :)


04/16/12  08:02pm


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  Message To: Rexxaroo   In reference to Message Id: 2262989

 Our Iggy’s Tail

Is this a green iguana or a Cyclura? If the tail is amputated by a reptile vet above the bad spot it may still

04/18/12  07:33pm

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