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Twodogsfvcking   Really  

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 Iguana rescue

hi im new here and new to iguanas ,, i have a 3 month old green iguana i got at a pet store that had decided it was a great idea to chop off its tail because it had tail rot and though the iguana was supposed to be covered in little spots (mites) lol dammit,,,, so i took it and googled the hell outta it and here we are a month later and after all the betadine bath and disinfecting this little fella will do well .... i make his food with collard greens, baby spinach, strawberries , blackberries, kiwi, green beens,, baby carrots ,, peaches,, vitamin powder , ........ i ran it all through a food proc. and made this paste,, he loves the stuff and i give him whole berries and stuff as treats ... he seems to be healing up nice and he only likes me lol the gf hates it,, i plan to have him free roaming open door policy so any tips would be killer thanks ... im also building a massive terrarium like 9wide 7deep 9tall in one end of my house for this fella tips on that will help too

04/03/12  11:52pm


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 Iguana rescue

You might want to post this in the regular iguana forum if you haven’t already. This one isn’t too busy and really just focuses on the other species. Good luck with your new baby! The regular iguana forum has a great "sticky" that has information for new owners and tips for getting along with your iguana. I also recommend two books: Iguanas for Dummies by Melissa Kaplan and Green Iguana: The Ultimate Owners Manual, but James Hatfield.

04/04/12  11:15am

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