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Stungy   Webmaster   Really  

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 New to forum

Hi all new to the forum and new to ctenosaurus ive just picked up a sexed pair ov enyliosaurus(well i think its a m & f here is a quick pic ov them both pic

and a pic ov my female

I haven’t got one ov my male yet ill post one later also here in the uk there isn’t much info on them can any one help meout I no the basics but info from experienced keepers ov these would be great

11/10/11  08:11pm


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 New to forum


Welcome to the Cyclura and Ctenosaura Forum. This is one of our newer forums made in June. So it doesn’t get the traffic like some of the forums that has been around since RZ was started. Most members still post on the Iguana forum. So please feel free to keep post here and over there. Eventually the forum will pick up in time.

Doug - Webmaster

11/21/11  05:12pm


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 New to forum

They are so pretty!

Doug is right. There isn’t a lot of traffic here yet. I think some of us forget this forum is here. lol

I have two Cyclura (and a green). Ctenosaurs are pretty, but I don’t know much about them.

Welcome to RZ!

11/25/11  02:01am

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