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After messing with MVB’s ( mega ray , power-sun, solar-glo ) i have gone back to using two 48 ’’ repti-sun 10.0 tubes and halogen bulbs for heat . I have the worst luck with the MVB either burning out or not putting out enough UVB . The zoo-med 100 watt was only giving me a 23 MW reading it at 12’’ after running all day and it was only 2 months old . I checked it with a 6.2 solar meter and then returned it to pets-mart , where i paid over 70.00 with tax . :( my mega ray burned out in less than three months and IMO their customer service is the worst i have seen .. I don’t expect a new bulb , or my money back for a backorder i have with them . :) The good part is I am getting 135 mw at 12’’ and 150+/- at 10’’ , and get 55-60 MW of UV at the floor @ over 22’’ below the zoo-med Repti-sun 48’’ tubes . I am glad i bought the solar meter so i can test my bulbs my self . :) . And my Rhino has had a runny nose for months and i even took him to a vet ( 1 1/2 hour drive one way ) and she said all was well, and he was healthy . BUT within 3 days after putting the 2 Reptisun 48’’ tubes in his cage his runny nose stopped . :) He had it for moths and i tried changing his diet with no luck . Not sure why it stopped , or if it had anything to do with the new 48’’ 10,0 tubes , but i am glad . And he now has the opportunity to get the UVB he needs .

this is about 9-10’’ from the two 48’’ zoo-med repi-sun 10.0 tubes . move up a couple inches and it will double .

08/25/11  06:10pm

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