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 Odd RCCs

I have looked up everything I could on RCCs. And come to find out I have been the lucky buyer of three very "ODD" RCCs.
Danty (female,light brown with small white claws), she likes attention. She will climb on the log and wave her little claws around for attention. She likes to be petted (not held, but petted like a pup). Touch her lightly and she is happy. And she doesn’t hide much. Fire (male,brownish-red with fire red claws), he likes to fall off the top of the log, right into the water. I mean it, he will climb up the log and just let go, and do it all over again until he gets tired of doing it. Then he will go into hiding for a while. Peepers (male,dull brown with large white claws with brownish red spots) the troublemaker. At first I didn’t know what to call him. I was to busy trying to keep him OUT of the filter. Until I saw how he acted. He would climb up the tube, dart down into the filter. And when I would try to get him out he would Peek over the edge and pinch me, the dart back down into the filter. I finally found a chop stick that would pick the filter up without damaging the filter or harming Peepers. I have tried everything from the mesh screen to taping it up. But that slick little crab keeps finding a way into that filter.
Then to top that off the ONLY stuff these crabs will eat is ghost shrimp. I went back to the pet store that I bought them at and told them what was going on and even they are stumped. I have tried everything they had to feed RC Cs but Dainty,Fire,and Peepers wont touch it. But if I put ghost shrimp in there those 3 go to town on them.
I am worried that eating the ghost shrimp all the time will hurt them. Please give me some advice. I love my little RCCs, and don’t want anything bad to happen to them.

03/14/12  03:51am

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