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A few questions..

I don’t think I could handle holding one for the procces of putting it in the tank. Is there any way without holding it to put it in?

could it live with an african dwarf frog?

could it live with tropical guppies?

could it tolerate a heater?

Thanks in advance!

01/13/11  01:18pm


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  Message To: Dalime   In reference to Message Id: 2198070


it can tolerate a heater just not really high temp. also it can’t live with african dwarf frogs or tropical guppies unless u r feeding them to the crayfish. you could have it in a plastic container and take the lid off. then put the container in the tank. then when the crayfish is out takeout the container. also if u wanna hold it just use ur thumb and index finger and pinch right behind the pincers. then pick it up and it should not be able to pinch you. that is how we learned to hold them at school this year.

02/01/11  03:19pm


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  Message To: Reptilekid01   In reference to Message Id: 2202504


It can live with african dwarf frogs and guppies, but don’t be surprised if it eats some. Especially the frogs.

05/07/11  09:59am


Ron burgundy
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  Message To: Victorgoat   In reference to Message Id: 2217823


yes it will eat both if it gets the chance. probably the best fish to go with crayfish are white clouds or white mounain minnows.

07/28/11  09:43pm

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