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 Ice Blue Crawdad

Ok ill start from the beginning. I live in a farming area, we have irrigation ditches going threw out the whole area. These ditches have lots and lots of really big Crawdad (crawfish) that get washed in from the rice fields. Me and my hubby decided to go catch some and put them in out troth for our cattle, they help keep the misquotes larva at bay. Well i started a fish tank and decided to put 3 Crawdads in with my fish, 1 male, and 2females. After a few days we had to put the big male back in the troth because he ate my fishes face off :( poor fishy. I took one of the females out but kept the smallest who only had one pincer i figured she wouldnt make it in the troth and she wasnt bothering the fish. Well we went to a friends house for a few weeks and when we came back i cleaned out the fish tank. To my surprise she had millions of little eggs all over her under belly. I took her out of the fish tank and gave her a tank of her own. We thought it would be cool to raise mini crawdads. After what seemed like years but was only 2 months her little eggs hatched. I quickly put her and all the tiny tiny babies into a bigger tank to prevent them from eating each other. I did not have an air pump for that night so i kept the water shallow and made it to where they could breach for air. I woke up the next morning and most of the little guys were dead. I dont know if it was from lack of air or if mommy crawdad got angry at the millions of babies bugging her but most were dead. I took the mommy crawdad (we call her stumpy due to the one claw) and the rest of the babies and put them in the fish tank, i added lots and lots of shrubbery and rocks and things for the little guys to hide in. Its now 3 to 4 months and we still have like 20 little babies. Well not so little any more but still small lol. I was looking at the tank at my new fish and i noticed a little crawdad that was a light blue color. At first i thought she just molted after a few days i looked at her again and shes now an icy blue color. I know that these are rare but i was wondering if anyone knows of any websites that might post how much one could sell a Blue Crawdad for.(if any thing) heres a picture of what the lil one looks like....

07/23/10  12:33am


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 Ice Blue Crawdad

That’s a great looking crawdad! But the first thing you have to remember is NEVER put them in a tank with fish! (unless the fish are there for food for the crawdads) You found that out the hard way. And when the ones you have in the fish tank get big enough or hungry enough, they will eat the fish if they can get a hold of them. Besides, you’re stressing out the fish too!
I would bet that the reason the babies didn’t live in the shallow water was because there was no aeration. Even the adults need frequent water changes or an air stone. I have one as a pet that I found in my yard one wet and rainy day. Here’s a pic.
If you want to find out more about the blue one you have, just Google it online. Good luck!

07/29/10  11:35am


Mumbos Momma
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  Message To: Johnkorz   In reference to Message Id: 2165661

 Ice Blue Crawdad

I know this is a old post but I have a electric blue crawdad & I only paid $4 for him at a pet store

07/12/11  04:39pm

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