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 My crawdad is acting weird

My crawdad has been acting very strangely for the last couple of days. She usually hides in her hollowed stump, but she’s been sitting out in the open. When she moves, it’s like she has no energy. She even fell onto her back and couldn’t turn herself back over without my help. I cleaned her tank today just in case that’s the problem, and she’s perked up a little but not much.

1. She is a year and a half old.
2. She’s in a 14 gallon tank.
3. She has a heater and a filter, and it’s 78 degrees in there.
4. I feed her shrimp pellets because that’s what she eats the best. I’ve tried carrots and peas in the past, but her majesty ignores them. Even so, she hasn’t been eating much lately.
5. She has no growths or marks on her.

I’m going to drop some raw potato in there with her later to see if she needs a diet change, but any insights would be nice. She’s the only crustacean I’ve ever had and don’t really know what to expect.

I’m getting kind of worried.

11/14/09  02:27pm


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  Message To: Murky   In reference to Message Id: 2095300

 My crawdad is acting weird

Maybe try feeding it more. I hope your crawdad gets better. =)

12/07/09  04:52pm

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