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 What would cause a bad molt?

Well I took the remains of my halloween crab out and examined them. It appeared that it did not go through the entire pre molt stage of new shell development and went straight to the burst stage. The only part of new shell that had developed was the top shell. The rest of the crab was open entrails and body mass, no new shell had formed. I know crabs can loose limbs while molting, but mine had lost all of them.
What would cause a crab to have such a horrific molt? Does anyone have any ideas?surely such a thing could not have been environmental? (to answer any questions he had everything a crab would ever need to live a long happy healthy life) The only thing it did not do was play with its cuddle bone, but I have read that it was not needed.
On a side note, I cleaned out the tank and bleached it. The smell was absolutely awful...I’ve smelled some pretty bad smells before but this made me nauseous. I assume that was death I cant imagine anything smelling that bad regardless of it being a crustacean. It was definitely the stench of death.

08/16/08  01:29pm


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 What would cause a bad molt?

Sometimes when crustaceans get a parasite or something on their shells they go into a molt...I’ve heard about it with lobsters, but I guess it could happen with any crustacean.
That’s the only thing I could really think of that would/could cause a premature molt, though I’m sure there are other possibilities.

Sorry for your loss, crustaceans do smell terribly after they die, worse than any fish or anything else I’ve had.

08/17/08  09:19am

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