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Craw dad hunter
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 Help with craw fish!!!!!

should i have the craw fish in fresh water or the water the came out of

08/01/08  02:24pm


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 Help with craw fish!!!!!

For now keep them in the water you got them from, and then as you clean the tank and do water changes just gradually add in fresh water.

As for the other question about breeding, it’s very difficult since they usually just end up eating eachother. I had one accidental pair breed, it was over a summer while we were on vacation, we got home and one crayfish was missing and then a few weeks later the remaining one laid eggs. It’s really a matter of luck I think, but if you do try it make sure you have a fairly large tank so they don’t constantly fight, and have gravel and a bunch of hiding places.

To tell the gender you have to look under the tail, where they have kind of miniature legs called swimerettes I think...anyway the males will have harder, more leg-like ones closer to the main body, whereas the female just has all soft and feathery ones. Males typically also have bigger claws.

08/01/08  04:44pm

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