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 Lobster as a pet

My younger sister really wants a lobster. She only has two 20 gallon tanks at the moment and one has bala sharks, clown loaches, red tailed sharks, Chinese algae eaters, and tiger barbs. The other one has Dalmatian Molly’s, Glofish, Sunburst wags, tetras, and a plecostomus. I’m thinking of getting her a lobster for Christmas, but i need to know what kind to get her and all about them. Any suggestions would be fantastic. She wants to try and get one that stays small. A crayfish would be ok too :)


07/23/08  06:04pm


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 Lobster as a pet

I would go with a crayfish. Lobsters grow really big and are saltwater which is going to need more work. Craysfish are freshwater and dont need a really big tank but you cant have any other fish or crayfish in there because they will eat anything in their way so they must be left alone

07/26/08  09:03pm


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  Message To: Frogman415   In reference to Message Id: 1809832

 Lobster as a pet

yup, basically you can get a ten gallon tank and that’ll be fine for a crayfish. Use whatever gravel you want (if you choose certain colors, the crayfish will actually start to match it after a while, blues and greens are pretty cool ). And for decorations, don’t use any plants since they’ll tear them apart, you can use aquarium caves and statues or whatever is sturdy that you like. And for food they’ll eat fish flakes, algea pellets, shrimp pellets, blood worms, and anything else that you can think of really.

07/30/08  07:53pm

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