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 Alternative crab suppliments

*this topic is already in the hermit crab forum, but i decided to post here to for hopes of a response*
I have in my crabs tank one of those calcium shell things ( ) and I dont think it knows what to do with it. It has been relativley untouched other than my crab playing with it or digging around it (over night it had been turned upside down and there is a burrow under it) Is there any other way to give those vitamins to a crab? Some ideas i have had are shaving bits of that block off in his food dish. OR would cricket dust for geckos be an alternative? It has calcium, some other vitamins and the like, but would anyone know if any of the other ingredients in cricket dust for geckos would be harmful to a crab? considering their very omnivorous diet and racoon like tendencies I wouldnt think so. anyone have any thoughts??

07/17/08  01:07pm


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 Alternative crab suppliments

I would think the reptile suppliments would be ok, but I really don’t know much about hermit crabs or their diet. I think there are supplements out there that are just calcium and nothing else, but I’m not too sure honestly.

07/30/08  07:48pm

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