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1st off r crawdads and crayfish the same thing and 2nd what do they eat i put in a worm a few minutes ago and wanted to know if thats ok or not. plus i dont have a tank so i put them in my sink for now is that ok(plus i put rocks and grass in there too. also do they need privacy to eat cause if they dont i wanna see it eat something.if theres anything else i should know please tell me!...

04/25/08  05:45pm


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the sink is probably a bad idea, any residual soap in there is bad for them. Get at least a 10 gallon tank asap. How many do you have? They are cannabalistic and should be kept separate so they don’t kill eachother.
They’ll eat anything, they’ll probably eat the grass you have for them ( and if you got it from outside that’s bad too because there could be pesticides and/or parasites in there). Try feeding them fish flakes, algea pellets, shrimp pellets or anything like that.

04/25/08  06:14pm

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