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 New here. =D Crayfish noob.

Hi, I’m Daniel. I’ve been thinking about getting some crayfish, and figured I should do my research.
So, I just need someone to cover the basics with me on keeping them.
what do they eat, how should there tank be set up, etc...
Thanks in advance.


03/24/08  10:56pm


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  Message To: DanielDomination   In reference to Message Id: 1674661

 New here. =D Crayfish noob.

they’ll eat pretty much anything, fish food, bloodworms, algea pellets, shrimp pellets...etc.
The tank basically just needs water and gravel, some hiding places like caves and rocks to climb on (not plants because they’ll just tear them apart).
I would suggest just getting one, unless you have a really big tank...they tend to be a bit cannabalistic and like to eat tankmates, so if you want to throw in some feeder goldfish or guppies that’d work for them too.
good luck :)

03/27/08  05:19pm

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