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 Any ideas

What are some good crabs, lobsters, or anything else for a tropical paludarium, actually a tropical vivarium with a large water feature. Also there will be small fish 3 inches long max.


03/03/08  12:42am


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  Message To: R87   In reference to Message Id: 1645645

 Any ideas

I have some ghost shrimp in my tank and they are pretty cool. My female just ahd a clutch of eggs hatch so now I have a bunch of extremely small shrimp in my tank. You can also try freshwater clams-I have 3 and they are pretty cool to watch more around in the gravel.

03/03/08  11:46am


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  Message To: Angelkitty   In reference to Message Id: 1645965

 Any ideas

Depends too if you want to have a specific lake/river setup. Biotope as it’s called. Or go hodge podge and mix and match.

03/03/08  10:33pm


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  Message To: Dinox64   In reference to Message Id: 1646923

 Any ideas

it would be more of a south american amazon setup. if i could get correct species for that locality that would be awesome.

03/06/08  05:40pm

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