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 Crayfish help

i just got some crayfish and had a few questions-
1.Do they breath threw there gills?or come up for air?
2.Do they taste good, lol just kidding.
3.What temp should i have them at(right now they are at room temp)
4.Do they need a land section?
5.I fed them dead fish but they have not eat it, is it because it floated, does it have to sink?
6.Anything else i should know about them?

Chris thanks in advance

09/15/07  03:56pm


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  Message To: Lil_chris   In reference to Message Id: 1444707

 Crayfish help

1. They breath through their gills underwater
2. I wouldn’t know
3. Room temp is perfect
4. They don’t need land, but they could come out and just kind of hang out if land is available for them
5. They do need it to sink to be able to get it, you could feed pellets, fish flakes, blood worms, algae disks, and shrimp pellets too.
6. Make sure they can’t get out of the tank in any way (up the filter, climbing up ornaments, etc. you’ll never find it once it makes it out of the tank and into your house). Also know that they can be cannabalistic, so if you have some in one tank, in a while it might only be one in that tank. Or they might breed, but it depends how big they are. More likely is that they’ll eat eachother.

09/15/07  08:51pm


Gecko boy12
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  Message To: Lil_chris   In reference to Message Id: 1444707

 Crayfish help

yes they do taste very good actully.

11/25/07  12:16am


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  Message To: Gecko boy12   In reference to Message Id: 1525460

 Crayfish help

I have 2 males and 1 female in a 10 gallon and just saw them breed what do I do now and how do I raise the babys.

08/06/08  12:03am


Craw dad hunter
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  Message To: SLYYYY   In reference to Message Id: 1821252

 Crayfish help

after awile they will hatch and the baby will hang on to the mothers soo just do wat u normally do ecept put in more food

08/18/08  10:19pm

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