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 Can you identifi?

I bought my cousin an aquarium for his bday and took him out four days later to purchase some fish.
he bought two fish and one lobster now we are intrested in finding out what kind of lobster it is as it was new at the shop they couldnt remember what it was called so if you know please tell us about it thank you here is the pic of Mike.

05/20/07  07:42pm


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  Message To: Lycan   In reference to Message Id: 1288234

 Can you identifi?

It looks like a blue crayfish, not lobster.

05/21/07  09:42am


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  Message To: Clawedfrogsrule   In reference to Message Id: 1288928

 Can you identifi?

Yep that is what it is, it says "blue lobster" but they are actually crayfish native to asturallia, thay get about 7 inches MAXIUM

05/25/07  10:48pm


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  Message To: CrossBow072   In reference to Message Id: 1294039

 Can you identifi?

It is an Australian Blue Lobster, I have one..a baby that just molted, they get up to 13-16" long I believe and need a good sized tank, up to 55 gallon.

02/03/08  05:28am


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  Message To: ForbiddeN   In reference to Message Id: 1607075

 Can you identifi?

its either a blue cobalt crayfish or just a blue crayfish. ive got one :-)

03/15/08  09:29pm


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  Message To: ReptileCrazy53217   In reference to Message Id: 1662255

 Can you identifi?

Blue crayfish are native th florida swamps and australia and even though it is called a lobster its a crayfish

04/19/08  02:44pm


William kimmy
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  Message To: Ledroc567   In reference to Message Id: 1709100

 Can you identifi?


05/10/08  08:50pm


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  Message To: William kimmy   In reference to Message Id: 1731381

 Can you identifi?

i think it is an electric blue crayfish/lobster if your not sure go to this website-> ( and they will help identafi it.

10/08/08  02:44am


Gottee guy
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  Message To: Sqeker   In reference to Message Id: 1877006

 Can you identifi?

wtf i caught two of those in wasaga beach in canada last summer.

05/31/09  10:26am

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