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 A question about substrate

So I have used dirt and/or sand for the bottom of the cricket enclosure (using a sifter to get out dead crickets and shed skins), and it has worked great (usually around 4 cricket deaths per month, aside from the ones I feed to lizards and the ones that die within a few days of purchase), but I haven’t been able to keep the eggs moist enough to hatch. I’m going to put a moist container of substrate in the cricket cage for them to lay eggs in, but which substrate would be best? Sand, dirt, peat moss, or vermiculite?

Some extra info:
15 gallon cricket keeping cage with dirt floor, 4 egg crates, paper towel roll, 50 watt heat lamp (around 110 degrees F at closest point, 60-90 degrees environment, outside in shade), carrot, and cricket feed mix (not entirely sure what’s in it), comfortably holds 250 crickets, but 50 is more like it
Small 8? gallon plastic rearing container with lid, same cricket feed, carrot, moist dirt hatching container, crumpled up piece of newspaper, and applesauce container filled with water (too tall for crickets to get in, but helps with humidity, at least in theory), could hold about 500 1/4 inch crickets or several thousand pinheads
2-3 back-up small plastic containers
1 10-gallon locking cage, not always available (I need to have it available to put my snake in it in case anyone terrified of snakes comes over, but it may become usable for cricket breeding in the future)
Any random container that happens to come with stuff puchased (ex. salsa or hummus containers)
I’ve got a dog, so I could use dog food and/or treats for cricket food, if necessary

I do not need to produce a huge amount of crickets, but an average of 50-200 a month would be good; I don’t have exact estimates, but I keep between 2 and 5 green anoles at a time, aside from summer when I usually don’t have any. I also catch moths and other insects whenever I can find them, but they only make up 2-10% of my anoles’ food.

12/10/15  08:12pm


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  Message To: Icearstorm   In reference to Message Id: 2316046

 A question about substrate

I’m curious about breeding crickets as well, which was how I came across your post. But word of advice, you shouldn’t feed insects you catch from outside or in your home. As they may have come across pesticides, or poisons or chemicals as well as carry harmful parasites that can be passed on to your reptiles and cause harm, sickness or death.

04/28/18  07:34pm

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