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 Cricket Catcher

I have a pair of Emperor Scorpions in two 10 gallon tanks and accidentally bred crickets. I put a single cricket in the tank one evening, and soon had over 100 babies! I like them (even the chirping), but there are way too many and they are intimidating Herman and Lily (the scorps). I would like to give/sell some to the pet shop but need a good way to catch them without escapes. Any ideas?

I tried scooping them up in a cup, but some escaped when I had the lid open. So I tried using a vacuum cleaner once but it killed most of them. I don’t want to hurt them, just collect them to reduce their numbers.

Thanks for all suggestions.

01/09/13  06:09pm


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 Cricket Catcher

I’m in no way an expert on this by the way but I do have a few ideas. In my cricket keeper the crickets are almost always in the tubes so... here are my ideas.

1. Find blacked out tubes that can hold the crickets and put them in the tank. Once the a lot of crickets have hopped in there just pick up the tube and shake them out into a bin or something. (You might have to do this a few times)
2. I don’t know how you could use this but maybe use some sort of item to attract the crickets to it (like an egg carton or food). I think an egg carton would work best because crickets flock to them like moths to a flame. Once they are on the egg carton you can just put it in a bag or move it to the bin you plan on holding them in.

Try to keep the distances of how far you are moving the crickets short so that there is less chance of them escaping.

Hope this helped!

04/14/15  08:29am

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