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 Substrate moisture level.

Hello to all. I am new to the forum and to the world of breeding insects. My question is this. When maintaining the moisture level of the laying substrate, how to I moisten under the surface? Is it OK to stir the material with eggs already laid in it? I do not want to damage the eggs in the process. Thanks in advance for any advice you may have


11/13/12  09:49am


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  Message To: DBlake   In reference to Message Id: 2285280

 Substrate moisture level.

Damp ...not wet that it balls in your hand and still falls apart ...but not dripping.

No do not stir the substrate with eggs in it. If the substrate starts to dry out mist with spray bottle ...less is better than more when misting. What temps are you using...a higher temp produces young high as 85-95 F...but you have to be careful of the soil drying out.

11/15/12  10:10am


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  Message To: Cphill58   In reference to Message Id: 2285442

 Substrate moisture level.

What works well for our scorpions seems to be ideal for (unintentional) cricket breeding. We use coconut husk as substrate, keep the temp about 80 and humidity about 80%. Water bowl with sponge in it, cricket food in a bowl and we have 100’s in a short time.

01/09/13  06:18pm

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