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Hi , I just recently got 2 bearded dragon’s. And have been buying cricket’s and meal worm’s from the local pet shop, which is just killing me , cause they can only sell 100 max at a time and it’s 8.99. They sell them in barrie for 25 for 1000 and 17 for 500, I have been trying to find a SOLID website that isn’t too far from me so perfirtable in Ontario.... So my question is ; Does anyone know a for sure SOLID website that I can purchase online , I am willing to pay up to 30.00 for a 1000.... ?? And also , I’m wanting to know , will they die in the 2 or 3 day’s that’ll take to get sent here?... To tell the truth , I’m pretty broke and , I can’t affroid to lose 30.00 , I know that probaly sound’s lame but it’s the truth... So Im looking for an inexpensive website I can purchase ALIVE cricket’s from , that is located in ONTARIO or Quebece worse case?!....I’m thinking if they were to come from Alberta , or BC , Or saka... they’d be D.O.A..... Thank’s to who every answer this =)

09/15/12  01:15pm


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Gonna send you to NANCY , Thompson Manitoba...
See if she can help you ...ship you ...or teach you to breed your own, she has a very good web site that has all the instructions on HOW TO BREED insects...I learned to breed roaches and crickets as well.

Northern dragons


09/21/12  12:20pm

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