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 Eggs in sponge

I’m new to breeding crickets but think I have a pretty good set-up. My boyfriend bought me another 50 crickets today to help me start off, two of which quite large. I figured they were pregnant, and wasn’t much surprised when I found them laying eggs in the water sponge shortly after adding them to the breeding tank.

I already plan on switching over to the gel water stuff, but my question is, are the eggs dead now? There isn’t much water in the sponge, and I know where ever the eggs are it needs to be moist, so should I just go for it and see if they start to hatch anyways? Or not even try?

11/07/11  11:43pm


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 Eggs in sponge

if kept moist and warm the eggs will hatch. in my crix bin i use crix gut load or any veggie or cereal. i dont use a water source at all, i just use a deli container full of moist cocoa fiber. i spray it every day. the crix drink from it and lay eggs in it also. after it gets full of eggs i cover it and put it over heat.

11/08/11  03:30pm

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