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 How I Gut-Load Crickets

Hi its bella. i have a Collared Lizard, and Leopard Gecko. I have crickets that i gutload for them both. this is how I Gut-Load

I have a Plastic Bin that is 1 foot long, 4in tall. it is filled with soil, which is moist. I have a very small piece of egg carton. I have a small water dish for them to drink. I fed them these foods: Sweet Potato, Strawberries, Basil, Arugla,lettuce, tomato,and Corn. they chirp alot. i have about 17 crickets in there. i am going to get more soon. please tell me if i am missing anything!

08/04/11  03:28pm


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  Message To: Meejee   In reference to Message Id: 2231759

 How I Gut-Load Crickets

I wouldn’t fill the container up with dirt (opinion). Are you planning to breed or just keep them alive?

08/18/11  12:37am


Veronica _V
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  Message To: Kyoss   In reference to Message Id: 2233185

 How I Gut-Load Crickets

Give them wet cotton balls to drink from or cricket quench product-- they may drown in the water dish. Crickets are terrible swimmers. Replace the cotton balls daily to keep bacteria to a minimum. Also, they don’t need egg crate if you only have 17, if you ask me... they’ll just much on the eggcrate instead of the food, and paper isn’t very nutritious. I agree with the "no soil" recommendation, also, unless you’re trying to breed them.

12/28/11  03:25am


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  Message To: Veronica _V   In reference to Message Id: 2248677

 How I Gut-Load Crickets

if feeding veggies, no need for water at all. my set up works very well and is easy to clean, plastic bin with screen substrate. egg crate, deli dish of very moist soil (for egg laying and water source. )any kind of dry cereal or produce or crix gutload. they need a heat source for breeding and growing so uth on bottom outside of bin.after egg tray is full of eggs put it in a different heated bin for hatching loose cover on deli dish. crix water gel and gutload for pin heads along with egg crate. to clean just take egg crate etc. out ,pour crix into a diff box. rinse and dry bin. put every thing back in and tip box of crix so live crix run out into clean box.throw away dead crix and litter.

12/28/11  12:36pm

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