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 Change in egg container

So for my first attempt at breeding crickets I used an uncovered dish and they seemed to love, maybe too much though. I only left it in there for days since if i left it in there longer I think they woulda tossed all the dirt out. They were laying eggs and I do feel good if I can keep it moist and hot I will get some pins.

After reading and watching more I see people create the containers that have the mesh over the top and that way the crickets dont dig and dont play in the dirt so much. I haven’t noticed too much activity though and I used to always see them on the old one. Is this normal as they get used to it? Could it be an access issue? Any thoughts/advice would be appreciated, thanks.

04/19/11  01:26pm


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 Change in egg container

If they have good access it might just be that they can’t see the dirt or know what the mesh is. I’d get a little bit of dirt and put it on top of the screen, just a really small layer so that they think they are laying there eggs in that dirt but they are really pushing threw one of the mesh holes and laying there eggs in that dirt instead. I personally haven’t tried the way I just explained just sounds like a idea to try.

Best of luck! Cody.

05/01/11  10:48am

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