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El dibalo
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 Help mee

OK, i have been trying and trying to breed field crickets for 4 or 5 weeks now because i do not want to pay the ridiculous price they are at here ($30 for 40 young ones) anyway, i have only seen eggs in the container for the last 3 weeks though :/ and have still had no signs of pinheads or any baby’s that have been hatched!
i am beginning to worry if i am doing something wrong?
i have been keeping 3 dozen in adults in a 40L plastic tub,been feeding them on oatmeal,fishfood,oranges,lettuce and potato.
i have seen them laying eggs and they have been chirping, i keep them in my garage which is about 77f and have been putting the full egg containers in another 40L plastic tub inside under a regular lamp at about 89f but it drops down to room temp alot of the time i fill the trays with regular dirt from the garden.

any help would be very appreciated!!

03/01/11  01:12am


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  Message To: El dibalo   In reference to Message Id: 2207541

 Help mee

I ve noticed the light bulb will work better on heating the adults. an under tank heater works better on the eggs. Keep a loose lid on the eggs so you dont have to mist as much and faster hatching. Temp makes a big difference on the amt of eggs. The warmer the better to 95 degrees.

03/01/11  01:45pm


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  Message To: Sajane   In reference to Message Id: 2207582

 Help mee

I raise my containers up using 2x6 boards on edge. I put the light bulb under the tank and the bottom gets plenty warm. Vary the wattage of the bulbs till u get the temp you want

11/23/11  10:53am

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