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 Attention! Loriloveslizards! Cricket pics!

The following are excerpts of posts I made some time ago. I thought I would post it here as you come here a lot and are likely to see them.

This is an incubation tub, which goes in my homemade incubator for a couple weeks at about 85 degrees Fahrenheit. I put the food and water crystals in on the day I first see pinheads hatching and place the egg crate things in so they can climb out of the lay tubs and have a place to roost. I keep them in the incubator after hatching for about another two weeks to give them a boost in growth; its cold at night where I live. When I first put the lay tubs in the incubation tub I also put about a half inch of dry vermiculite on the floor so they have something to walk on and absorb their feces.

This is their grow out tub, a 58 quart sterilite tub with an aluminum wire screen top. Again I put the vermiculite so they have something to walk on and to absorb the feces. About every two or three weeks I change out the vermiculite. This controls the odor. They don’t smell bad if they have clean litter. They do have a sort of sickly sweet odor but proper sanitation can keep it down to a minimum. Also provide plenty of ventilation in their tubs. When I have a big tub of adults I start giving them lay tubs containing moist vermiculite, to keep the cycle going. I leave the lay tubs in for about four days, to give the females a chance to lay plenty of eggs. It is important to cover the surface of the little lay tubs with a piece of aluminum screen so the crickets can’t dig around in it. When I put the lay tubs in the incubation tubs I remove the screens.I feed my crickets ground dry cat food (because I already have a lot of cats, too) and carrots and water crystals. I check daily for any mold on their food, as this will make them ill. They tend to poop in their food and water crystals, so I give them small amounts that can be frequently thrown out and replenished. They like to stay warm, around 80 degrees Fahrenheit, but will tolerate cooler temperatures as long as they are not too cold for too long. Put them in the warmest place in your house, on a top shelf if possible, as heat rises. All the used vermiculite is very useful in the garden. This is working out so well I have just gobs of crickets now, in all sizes.
Generally I get about a thousand crickets in a hatch so that is about how many go into the 58 quart tubs, unless I feed some of them out to my baby fencies. I am raising Western fence lizards. They are easy to breed, which is a good thing as I sure am having great success raising these crickets! LOL!
If you are interested I will post some photos of my incubator. too.

The incubation tub, which is a Styrofoam shipping box for fish. It is setting in a guinea pig cage just to keep it from being bonkeled about.

The heat mat, which is a 17 watt seed germination mat ( you could use a zoomed mat, too) the rack it sets on, the thermometer and thermostat going into the vermiculite tub (which was incubating my lizards) the white insulated shipping envelope under the lizard tub as a baffle, but I don’t use that with the crickets’ tubs, four bottle caps to keep the rack from resting on the mat anywhere.

The incubation tubs in place. The one on the right has just hatched so I have put food, water crystals, some egg crate to roost in, and strips of paper towel so they can climb out of the little tubs easily. The pinheads get a couple weeks boost in the incubator to get them going. If your house is warm (unlike mine!) you could probably just take them out of the incubator.
Write the date on the container so you can keep track. Incubate at about 85 degrees Fahrenheit. As soon as you see pinheads give them food and water crystals.

07/12/10  03:19pm


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  Message To: Greatballzofire   In reference to Message Id: 2162069

 Attention! Loriloveslizards! Cricket pics!

Wow! That seems like a hand full of work! But I’ve been breeding mealworms for the past year, so what do I know! LOL

07/14/10  10:10am


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  Message To: Johnkorz   In reference to Message Id: 2162496

 Attention! Loriloveslizards! Cricket pics!

Nah, once you have a rotating system it is easy. If I lived in a climate that didn’t have such drops in temps at night I would not bother with the incubator, though.

07/15/10  04:20pm

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