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 Crickets escaped.

Since my local petco doesn’t sell crickets in plastic bags anymore I’ve been getting the ones in those plastic boxes. The container says that they’re already gut loaded but I always give them some veggies before I feed them to my leopard gecko. So yesterday I give them some spinach and left them in their box for the night.

Today I woke up to find that a cricket was crawling around my room so I check the box thinking that I must’ve not closed it all the way and found that there were only two crickets in the box, no spinach left and a hole chewed through the lid. Now there is 30 something crickets loose in my room. >.<

05/01/10  02:52pm


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 Crickets escaped.

get out the raid

05/03/10  03:50pm


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  Message To: Sajane   In reference to Message Id: 2145112

 Crickets escaped.

You think thats bad. I had a cricket cage with about 80 small med. crickets in it, and i dropped it on the floor ...the lid popped off and the crickets began their descent!! I was so shocked I didnt know what to do.... I hate touching them so my boyfriend grabbed as many as he could, and I was frozen watching them spread out. Then I pulled out the vacuum. LoL it was a waste of crickets but I managed to get the majority..I did have random crickets for a few weeks though... what an ordeal!!

05/28/10  01:05am

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