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 Mass cricket death - any ideas?

Hi guys, I’m flummoxed. I had half a dozen big crickets in a tank for weeks (grown too big for the frogs to eat), and I bought a new container of pinheads but most of them got too big for my morphs within 10 days. So I thought I’d put the container-ful of new crickets in the tank with the old crickets, and add some substrate while I was about it. They’d had a container of damp vermiculite in there for a while but they never seemed to use it.

I mixed new vermiculite with some water and spread a layer of this damp vermiculite on the floor of the tank, then added the new container of crickets. Within an hour they were all jumping around very agitated, as if trying to escape the tank, and this morning they are all dead or dying. They had the same pieces of egg carton that had been in the tank all along, and some bits of carrot to eat.

I’ve looked up vermiculite toxicity but every site insists it’s not toxic. There was no other change made to the environment for the big ones, and the little ones were simply being put into a larger container - the only difference I can pinpoint is the substrate. Has anyone ever encountered a problem like this before? Any advice would be much appreciated - I’ve got half a bag of vermiculite left that I’m afraid to use.

03/02/10  01:31am


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  Message To: Ozfrog   In reference to Message Id: 2128693

 Mass cricket death - any ideas?

Was your vermiculite exposed to any household chemicals or pesticides? How long, how(unsealed or sealed container) where was your vermiculite stored(possible exposure to chemicals, invading insects).......Also, damp substrate can lead to MITE(grain,flour mites) infestations in contaminated substrate which can agitate rep’s/feeders. I would just use newspaper as a flooring/substrate and water crystals for water source and add a small container(cottage cheese container) containing damp peat moss for egg laying.(don’t fill it to the top w/peat moss or the crickets will soon have it kicked out of the container)

03/02/10  08:14am


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  Message To: Rokdog   In reference to Message Id: 2128754

 Mass cricket death - any ideas?

I keep my crickets dry also. Not humid just a moist dish for egg laying

03/02/10  01:58pm

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