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Big Lus mom
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 Cricket water???

I have been looking up and getting lots of ideas on breeding crickets. I was wondering if I could use "cricket water" to do this. Through all the pages I have read through and pictures, not once is it ever mentioned. Ususally just other inventive ways to hydrate the crickets. This seems much safer for the crickets.

03/08/09  02:40pm


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  Message To: Big Lus mom   In reference to Message Id: 1965039

 Cricket water???

I use water crystals for my crickets. The water crystals do not mold and last a long time with no molding, smell, or other decay.

03/10/09  09:53am


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  Message To: Greatballzofire   In reference to Message Id: 1966032

 Cricket water???

I use sterile sponges to water mine, but I also have to rinse them everyday. I fine this works best. I was finding a lot of babies would get stuck in the water crystals, and babies don’t always attract to veggies at first. But they are safe climbing on the sponges, and suck the water out rather well.

Good luck :)

03/26/09  11:52am


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  Message To: Starshine   In reference to Message Id: 1975008

 Cricket water???

another alternative is a butter tub lid upside down full of clean cotton balls. Then just keep the cotton wet.

02/11/10  12:14am

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