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 Corn snake setup help

So I’m planning to get my first reptile, which happens to be a corn snake!

I just need some reassurance from someone with experience with corn snakes.

So for the tank I was planning on a 40 gallon tank with a mix of Zoo Med Forest Floor Bedding and Zoo Med Eco Earth Loose Coconut Fiber for the substrate.

I’m going to keep the humidity at 40-45 and about 60 during shedding.

The hot side of the tank (with the under tank heat mat) will be 85-87F and the cool side room temp.

I will feed it one mouse weekly depending on it’s weight, and change it’s water every two days. The water dish will be big enough to bathe in but not big enough to drown, and it will be on the cool side.

I’ll have one hide on the hot side, one on the cool, and one in the middle.

I was planning on sterilizing some birch branches (I’m cutting down a tree ruining my house), any opinions about the safety?

I’ll be feeding frozen btw, it’s a lot more humane for the mouse and safer for the snake.

I won’t handle it when it’s shedding, and leave it for 5 days before feeding or handling.

There will be an added moist hide when it is shedding.

Is there anything that I’ve gotten wrong, or that is unsafe? I’ve been trying to do my research, but sometimes the internet is not correct. I like some more opinions.

Thank you! :)

05/16/18  11:18pm

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