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 Corn snake Gravid???

I’m new here and also my first time trying to breed corn snake. I was hoping I could get some answer here :) I bred her on the 8th and 11and 14 and so on but I can’t identify if she is Gravid or not. Total locks for her was 5 times. So now she stop eating I try frozen and lives but she refuses that is a good sign I hope. But the thing that makes me want to post here is that.... a few days ago like 3-4days ago I can feel like bumps in her belly... but today i went to check on her and I couldn’t feel the eggs anymore.. so yah I was curious if she is Gravid or not... and also I looked up many picture of the Gravid corn snake most say that the spine will show but for her she just look round...

04/04/18  02:42am

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