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 PLEASE HELP baby corn somewhere in car

***Very much distraught & aware that I’m an idiot for allowing this to happen, thanks. no need to point out the obvious or reiterate.***

My baby corn houdini’d. After tearing up the car, looking under the seats repeatedly, we still haven’t found her. I’m in Chicago; 40 degree weather, I’m very worried. Kept the car in the garage to mininize cold. Followed the advice on other forums & tried making 2 makeshift burrows, with a slightly damp shirt on the inside & a beanie on the outside, inside a small cardboard box, with a few hand warmer packets to make it toasty so she’d hopefully come to the warmth but after all night, no luck. I had held her by my car air vent (not her face, nor on very high heat) to see if she liked the warmth and she immediately went the opposite direction behind my hand so I’m hoping she didn’t wriggle into the vents beneath my seat. I’m going to see if an autobody shop or my car dealer can help me get behind my dash etc. & I’m also going to get a newborn to hopefully lure her out but it seems like she’d eaten somewhat recently already, & the cold is going to impact her appetite anyways. rly hoping she doesn’t regurgitate.
If anybody has any ideas, please help me. I’m so poopie head torn. I kept going back to check for her over and over again. I can’t even eat knowing she’s cold and alone and might die. other than tearing my car into pieces and trying heat traps, I don’t know what to do.

01/21/18  10:14am


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  Message To: Mugen666   In reference to Message Id: 2321802

 PLEASE HELP baby corn somewhere in car

Other than the obvious dark tight places it wouldn’t be out of the ordinary to look in the garage itself escape wouldn’t be something unexpected IMO I’d refraign from turning the car on heat ext in case it did get in the vents definitely a urgent situation I myself would try putting shoes in the vehicle leaving for a little and taking them all out to see if it found one jm opinion

01/27/18  07:19am

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