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Fkindron   SCERR  

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 Is my new corn okay?!? Please help!

So I know that I may be overreacting but I am a first time snake owner. 4 days ago I received my first corn and named him Mazikeen. He was kept in a small container before I had him, he is a little over 5 months old. I got a 20 gallon tank which I realize may be large, but he is already over 20 inches long and I filled the tank with lots of hides and leaves. To get to the point the past few nights he gets really active and explores, trying to what seems like escape. Haha but tonight he is just laying on the warm side and hasn’t moved for over an hour. The warm side is at 87 and the cool is at 76. Someone please tell me he’s okay and not stressed. I haven’t handled him yet because I want him to adjust well but idk if I could live with myself if something went wrong! I’ve read so many books and articles.

11/03/17  05:58pm


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  Message To: Fkindron   In reference to Message Id: 2321461

 Is my new corn okay?!? Please help!

He is probably just resting. How is he now? The twenty gal is a fine size for him, gives him a bit of room to explore!

11/07/17  04:03pm

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