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 HELP with Cornsnake eggs!

My cornsnake laid 19 eggs for the first time yesterday. I have them in a cleaned ice cream container (no holes), with about two inches of damp sphagnum moss. They were nice and plum yesterday, I add water so the bottom of the moss is damp and keep up humidity (eggs and moss are not wet). Temp fluctuates from 80s to mid 80s, and humidity is shown around 80 with both hydrometers (although it should be more because its VERY VERY damp), The eggs are denting even more. I have no idea why. It feels very moist in the box, and warm. The box is over one of the heaters of the tank (it’s a very large tank), but I have substrate so that it’s not insanely hot. I’m scared to lose the eggs, I want them to look healthy and not so dehydrated. I feel like adding damp moss isn’t making them moist enough and I’m too scared to make the environment too wet. Helpppp please.

05/08/17  11:10am


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 HELP with Cornsnake eggs!

I haven’t been on this site in so many years so I can’t remember if I posted about how I incubated my corn snake eggs. Either way, I’ll post here in case. If you have a fish tank and a heater for that tank, you can make an incubator for the eggs. I placed my eggs in a plastic container with damp moss. I also placed a slightly damp paper towel over them. Fill the tank with water, use the heater to warm the water to the appropriate temperature needed for the eggs and just let the plastic container with eggs float on the water. I checked the eggs every other day just to make sure that there was enough humidity. I was very successful with this method and it should work for you as well.

05/10/17  02:26am

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