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 Doing This For The First Time.. Advice??

As the title states I am a first time snake owner. I chose to get a Corn Snake after doing some research on the different temperaments and sizes of different snake breeds. My Lavender Corn Snake arrived at my home on 4/12/17 from a reptile breeder in Colorado. His hatch date is listed 7/25/16. I followed all the instuctions given by the breeder concerning what to do/what not to do upon recieving my snake. I placed him in the vivarium and have not attempted to handle him as I’m aware the overnight shipping and being in a strange new place is so stressful.

It has now been 7 days and I am currently making my first attempt at feeding him. I have set up a seperate plastic tote for feeding, however transfering him is posing to be quiet the task. I removed the vines and fixtures so that he wouldn’t be able to climb up and out the top while I had the screen open, and lifted up each of the 3 hides in the tank slowly until I found him. Now I went in to this fully prepared that he would strike and try to bite me, as he is so young and still unfamiliar with me and his surroundings. I had on a hoodie and cotton gloves so that my skin wasn’t exposed to avoid the urge to jump back when he did strike. Upon reaching into the tank I made sure not to go right at him head on but more around the side, and he did infact strike at my hand and rattle his tail. He did so continually so I drew my hand back out of the tank and he began striking upward, seeemingly attempting to jump out of the tank. I slid the screen back over to prevent him from succeding. He then persisted to strike at me several times through the glass, hitting the side of the tank each time. I put the clips back on the tank and turned out the lights in my room and walked out shuting the door behind me as I did not want to aggitate him further. It’s been approxamitely 8 days since his last meal so I don’t want to wait too long to feed him, but I also don’t want to force him or cause him any unnecessary stress or discomfort. He was breed for captivity, and he’s still realatively small I purchased frozen pinkies to thaw and feed him.

I have joing this forum hoping to get some advice from other snake owners. Not just on this subject, but anything that anyone has to offer. Please and thank you!

Some of the questions on my mind as I’m sitting here typing this;
-Should I be worried that he’s hitting the glass? Could that cause him any injuries?
-Should I just power through and move him for feeding dispite this behavior?
-On average, how much time do you wait between feedings? And when did you know to use the next biggest size mouse?
-What are some techniques for down the line as far as conditioning a new snake to be handled? From what I’ve read I know that it’s best to allow a few feedings to go by with new snakes before really trying to do much handling. Also not to attempt to handle during shedding, or days after a meal.

04/19/17  04:25pm

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