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Okay so I recently a little over a month ago got a baby corn snake from petsmart. I went into this knowing absolutely nothing about snakes except for the fact of my friend having one and I liked it. When I got him(assuming he’s a him, sex was never established) he was only about 3 months old, he’s now 4/5months old. He’s shedded 3 times now, the first time wasn’t very long after I got him and I remembered reading something online saying that if he doesn’t completely shed off all his skin at once you can assist him to get the rest off. I’ve been researching so much trying to figure out the best thing to do with an unsuccessful shed, my friends have told me there snakes never had any problems shedding as it all came off as a whole, so when he shed for the first time with me.. And only half of it came off, me being the type of panicking person I am, I immediately remembered reading on that website to get a damp towel and have him go through it, I then took him out and wrapped the towel around him and I lightly squeezed so it would rub against him hard enough to get the skin off, after a little bit he eventually got all of the skin off and he seemed happy and okay, this then happened a second time and I did the same thing bc once again his shed didn’t come off as a whole, then the other day I was going to sleep when I noticed he was starting to rub against things and I then looked back at his cage 10 minutes later to see that some of his skin was already coming off, then after a little bit I looked back again and noticed that he had gotten about 1/3 of his skin off and the rest was still on him, he was rubbing against things all night trying to get it off and I think he eventually gave up bc the next day he was just laying around not even trying, so this was when I again decided to use the towel. I have no knowledge on how this affects him and I fear that it may be harming him in some way. On a side note, he usually was okay with it but this time he reversed through the towel as if he was trying to rip the skin off the other way??? I don’t know if that was normal but it didn’t look like it felt good. He got it all off and I put him back in his tank to drink and relax, I then fed him the next day. But since then he has been acting strange at least a different kind of his normal strangeness. He seems terrified of me, like I can’t even touch the outside of the glass without his breathing becoming heavier or him moving away almost instantly. Someone please inform me on if this is wrong for me to do, if I’m harming my snake, etc. could I have hurt him and now he fears me? Please any additional information about anything or on his shedding process is helpful. Thank you!

01/08/17  02:59am


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It may be because your tank is to dry there isn’t enough moisture I have a plastic coffee container I keep in my cage and I keep damp paper towels in the bottom and she always goes in there before she sheds for 2 or 3 days and the skin always comes off intact and your snake was probably hurt a little and that’s why he is acting that way but the only way you can help him get over it is to keep handling him every day so he becomes comfortable with you again

04/07/17  11:54am

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