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 Baby corn snake not eating, 3 weeks!

I got my first corn snake 3 weeks and a day ago. They said he was eating on Sundays and eating well. I put him in a 20 gallon, this was a saturday, so the first Sunday I tried to feed him, frozen pinkie that has been thawed in a warm cup of water (still in the bag) for about an hour, and I placed him in a separate container for feeding. He didnt eat but I wasn’t concerned because he had been in that habitat for less than 24 hours. So the next Sunday came along and he wouldn’t eat, so I poked the pinkie to get the blood flowing, and nothing, so I put him in a dark container with it and left it for 8 hours, nothing. So on Wednesday I camever across a great deal on a 40 gallon and since it’s about time for me to upgrade my leopard gecko into a 20 I figured it wouldn’t hurt. Never in my life did I think I would start reading that there is such a thing as a way to big habitat. He has 1 hide (that he really likes) on his warm side, 1 on the cold, a tree like structure in the middle and some casual plastic plants and various things to roam around through out it. He was super active all day yesterday. But upon closer observation it seems he’s rubeing himself on everything. I make sure not to handle him the day before feeding, but he doesn’t look like he’s about to shed? He also keeps rubbing his face on the glass, hes also worn a path where he keeps pacing along the permamiter. If hes was stressed about the size wouldnt he hide more? I’m feeling really stupid because of course he won’t eat after another habitat change, but I’m getting worried it’s been 3 weeks, he’s still a baby so he’s supposed to eat every 4-5 days right? And I read that him being active during the day means he’s hungry, should I had tried to feed him yesterday? Today I tried poking the pinkie, I tried dipping it in chicken broth, and as a last resort I tried force feeding him, he let me get it all the way to his throat past the head, then puked it back up on me. I’m not sure what else I can do. I’m thinking of taking him to my local reptile vet on Wednesday (my soonest day).
Weight: approx 7.5 grams or 2.6 ounces
Length: approx 14-16 inches
Warm side: 87 F
Humidity: 35

12/11/16  10:08am

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