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 First snake/ snow corn snake?

I have just purchased my very first snake. It came to the retailer as a fancy corn snake, the workers believe it to be a snow. They mentioned it’s colors will change (currently white and pink with redish eyes) but weren’t sure what they will change into? Also when I’m reading the low night time temperatures I’m reading some things say 60 others say 70, that is a dynastic difference for a reptile, can you guys offer a more clear picture. And day time heat side, some say 80-85 others say 85-90. Right now he’s at 85.

11/26/16  04:44pm


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 First snake/ snow corn snake?

Corns are room temp snakes ... they really don’t need tropical temps ( 80-85) More like the average North American temps from 65 low to 80 high...night drops are ok and winter time no lower than 65F

I keep mine around 70 cool side 78 the summer here in Utah all supplement heat is off anyway.
A steady 72 in another tank holds the male... room temp is about 74 and the outside wall is a bit cool influencing the tank

Think Native North American snakes and look at google for the typical range of the corn snake...all the way into Canada
They hibernate every year just fine if they need to...

11/29/16  04:38pm

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