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 Young corn snake will not eat

We have had our corn snake for 2 months and she (assuming) has eaten 3 times. Typically it had been every 2 weeks but now in the last 3 weeks she refuses to eat. We feed frozen pinkies that have been thawed in hot water (still in packaging). She has fresh water every few days, one side of the terrarium has a heating pad underneath it with a hide, and the other half is obviously the cool region. We have been also spraying water into the enclosure as an added humidity bonus and she has shredded coconut fiber bedding. I’ve been told by multiple sources two different things pertaining to the need of a UVB lamp but i’m on board for putting that on too.

Now we do live in Wisconsin, so the temperatures have been dropping. And our apartment isn’t chilled but it is cool. I have heard even captive reptiles can sense subtle ques from nature and go into a psuedo-brumation so I am wondering if that is what is going on? She won’t go on the heat source either, we will always find her under her water dish in the bedding, which is another brumation sign. Still active when we pick her up as well, and every now and then at night we see her moving about in the tank.

I should add too, this isn’t my first corn snake and everything is similar to the others I have had (only difference is type of bedding) but I’ve never had this before (the other two were housed at a friend’s house where they have an entire room dedicated to reptiles so it is completely heated and humid in there to begin with), where my snake just absolutely refuses to eat. So any help would be appreciated.

11/26/16  04:29pm


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 Young corn snake will not eat

Hi ... well you almost answered your own question...its the season...yes the do sense the subtle atmospheric changes and pressure as well.
I’ve bred and raised corns of various colors for 3 breeding seasons successfully. They are room temperature snakes and really do not require very hot heat pads ... during the summer in utah I turn off all the additional heating devices. In the winter I run it at 78F max ...that’s it.

If your snake is overly heated and seeking the cool side...turn off the heat pad and simulate fall temps with cooler room temps daily... or get a lamp dimmer on the cord at the local lowes / home depot for 14.00 attach the heat pad to the lamp dimmer and use the sliding knob to turn temps down or up as you need.

If your snake is plenty healthy they don’t need to eat until Feb March... but that’s up to you and maybe in another year or so you will see a pattern develop

I defrost food in very hot water ...tap water and offer it as fast as possible to simulate warm mammal responses....TBH it’s a comical fire drill to see me do I don’t always fire drill but when I do....( fill in the blank)

Ohh and stop spraying until they are more active spring summer ...if you feel you must then fine ...but all my corns do just fine with a water bowl...I spill enough as it is

Ok good luck ...and join COLUBRID CRAZY on facebook

11/29/16  04:32pm

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