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Alisonhall   Icearstorm  

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 Corn snake rattling her tail ?

First time owning a corn snake or any snake, only had her a few days and has been out twice already with me and my boyfriend, she has already shedded her skin and has already ate but whenever I go to get her out of the tank she seems to still rattle her tail and put her head right up... plus she also seen my cat and I was wondering if she maybe felt threatened by the cat?

10/24/16  05:44pm


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 Corn snake rattling her tail ?

The tail-shaking is definitely a sign of fear or annoyance, but should stop as she becomes more used to the new environment. I used to have a black racer which would rattle its tail in the substrate and strike at me whenever I came near it, but it tamed in only a couple of weeks, so your snake will likely calm down more quickly (as corn snakes tend to be quite tame and black racers more aggressive, on the whole). The cat could be bothering her, but as long as it isn’t staring at her or staying next to the cage, it shouldn’t be a problem. Of the couple of snakes I had, neither of them seemed bothered by my dog (who is very catlike, by the way).

10/27/16  05:44pm

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