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 Snake’s hissing at me for the first time?

My snake is about a year and a half old. (I’m guesstimating at best.) Today I fed him like normal, except he wouldn’t come out of his hide. So I put it in the feeding bin, like I usually do when this happens. I dropped the mouse in and all was well. he ate it and started digesting fine. I waited a little bit so that it was safe to move him without fear of him regurgitating. As I picked up his feeding container to put him back into his cage, he started hissing at me. He continued all through me being near him. I just tipped him back into his cage slowly and carefully, letting him crawl out on his own, back into his cage. All this is normal, except the hissing. What did I do wrong?!

Help please?

08/29/16  10:02am

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